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Charitable Organizations
The Kenyan Website directory contains a collection of Kenyan web sites selected by the webmaster. If you have Kenyan site that you would like to see added to the directory, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and then select "suggest a link".
red arrowICROSS
- (INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY FOR THE RELIEF OF STARVATION AND SUFFERING) "ICROSS is a small grassroots NGO active in Kenya and Tanzania. It was founded in 1981 and now has 18-years experience of effectively implementing a wide-range of community-based health care. Mission Statement: To reduce disease, suffering and poverty among the most deprived communities through development projects run by the people themselves, using their language and their belief and value systems."

red arrowKenya Beyond 2000
- "Kenya Beyond 2000 is dedicated to sustain any emergency, self-help, and educational needs the Kenyan people may encounter. Mission is to interrupt the cycle of dependency on foreign aid by strengthening our nation's society from the inside out."

red arrowKenya Shoe Expedition
- "The Kenya Shoe Expedition began when a college freshman first saw a group of young runners training in southern Africa - without shoes. Adam Reiser, the young Rice University track star, realized that the used running shoes that most American runners simply throw in their closets after a few hundred miles of use could be put to some real good on the feet of these hard working young athletes who couldn’t find or afford shoes to train in. He started collecting shoes: first from his university track team, then from the local running community. The rest is history: the Kenya Shoe Expedition, launched in the fall of 1996, now collects shoes from thousands of high school & college track teams, running clubs, marathon expos, fun runs, and every other organized body of runners in existence throughout America."

red arrowReach the Children - Ngomongo project
- "Nairobi, Kenya is a large city in a resource-rich country that is suffering from effects of political problems. Ngomongo is a slum outside of Nairobi and borders on a rural agricultural area. There are underprivileged children who are left to wander the Ngomongo slum all day while their mothers eke out a living trying to put food on the table" Reach the Children is building a school (Help the Children Academy) that will teach throughout the day and provide nourishing meals. In the evenings, the Women's Training Center provides vocational training and adult literacy programs. Visit Reach the children's web site to find out how you can contribute.

red arrowThe Makindu Children's Center
- "The goal of the Makindu Children's Center is to develop a self-sustaining program in Kenya that will provide basic needs, education and training for more than 200 homeless children, ranging in age from 1 to 16 years. Makindu, a small village located on the arid plains of southern Kenya, is half way between Nairobi and Mombasa. Makindu families live in one room mud huts with thatched roofs. A contaminated well, an hour's walk away, provides the only available water. The hospital in the area is served by one doctor with few supplies and no running water or electricity. No aid organizations currently serve this area."

red arrowNyumbani Orphanage
- A safe haven for HIV children in the town of Karen, Kenya.

red arrowTHW (Technisches HilfsWerk)
- "THW (Technisches HilfsWerk) is the Federal Agency for Technical Relief of the German Government." It provides technical assistance in refugee situations, natural disasters and other complex emergencies.

red arrowWema Centre
- A centre for destitute street girls in Mombasa.

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